"Nia on Vacation," Feature Film, lead role of Ed McGilicuddy. NYC Premiere, Oct 22, 2019 as part of the Greek Film Festival.

Over the summer, Adam attended a Dialects & IPA intensive workshop with Louis Colaianni at the Kristin Linklater Voice Centre, in Orkney, Scotland.

Several exciting short stories are available as audiobooks here, for free. Titles include "To Build a Fire," "The Most Dangerous Game," and, "All Gold Canyon," all narrated and produced by Adam.

​​Adam as Liam Haber in "Bad Jews" at Studio Theatre Tierra Del Sol,

Nov. 3-Dec. 3 2017. at The Villages, Fl.

NOMINATED by BroadwayWorld.com : Best Lead Actor in a Play(Professional),

"Nadia Knows," is WINNER of 'Best Short Mystery at the Silicon Beach

                                                                                                      Film Festival 2016

Adam mounted his solo show, "It's Not The End of the World" as part of the renowned UnitedSolo Festival on Saturday Oct 13, 2018 on 42nd street at Theatre Row, in New York City.
                 "It’s 1975… do you know where your superspy is? Ned Stevens has NOT lived a storied life…     until his hots for the pizza gal pull him into a race to save New York City and the world from an evil mastermind!" More and more relevant every year, Adam wrote this acclaimed production as his senior capstone for the degrees he earned at Brown. He portrays all 12 characters and this fun, colorful story treats on ego-driven terrorism, feminist issues, and day-saving undercover FBI. 

"Nadia Knows," an official selection of the Culver City Film Festival of Los Angeles, and Grove Film Festival of Jersey City, & Silicon Beach Film Festival

"I Am Rebel: Phreaks and Geeks" for this NatGeo Channel minseries, Adam played Kevin Mitnick, one of the world's first notorious computer hackers. Search the title on YouTube or enjoy some clips here.

"The Wonderful Wizard of Oz." Playwright & Asst't Director. Based on the book by L. Frank Baum for a Post-Wicked Age. A one-hour new musical for young actors/audience premiered in January '16 at the A.J.Heschel Middle School in Manhattan to fantastic accolades. Script presently available for production

"Mozart in the Jungle", an Amazon streaming series. Performed as a drum circle member in Ep. 2 & 3 in the upcoming season. New Season drops at the end of December '15!

Tom, male lead in "Nadia Knows." Dir: John Avino. Short Film. Festival Hopeful.

"Welcome Home."  Dir. Angelina Nikonova. Released.

A reading of "Eskimo Brothers," at Theater for the New City, NYC with Rafael Benoit, Lauren Cipoletti, Steven Moskos and Ronald Caveglia. Written by Douglas Braverman.

"The Cherry Orchard."
Directed by Tatiana Pandiani at Schapiro Theatre, Adam played the supporting role of Boris Borisovich Semyonov-Pishchik, a senior citizen and buffoon to rave reviews regarding both the depth of character and physical comedy. 12/18-12/20/2014

"An Addiction to Payne."  Feature Film, supporting role of Leonard Schirer Dir. Kyle Reinfried, Wr. Brian Rodriguez. Post-production.

A peek into the life of four college knuckleheads... Independent film, lead role of Jared Lloyd. Directed by William Arthur Maxfield; Written by Jordan Kalms. Private Premiere at Cinema Village Theater 5/19/2014. A packed, enthused, heartily joy-ed house. Festivals to come!

Assistant Director: "A Midsummer Night's Dream," Heschel Middle School 8th Grade Class Show.
"The Wedding Dance," An invited screenplay-reading. Above The Strand Bookshop.
Written by Lisa Lee.

"The Pillowman," by Martin McDonagh. A closed reading. Role of Ariel. Above The Strand Bookshop. With Doug Benedicto, Federico Rodriguez, and Evan William Smith.

"It's Not The End of the World"  Produced, Written, and Performed by, Adam Lubitz More than 120 people filled Schapiro Theater in New York City and were tickled enormously. Fri. Jan 3,  Sat. Jan 4, Sun. Jan 5, 2014
...It's 1975. Do you know where your SuperSpy is?
​   Ned Stevens has a menial, repetitive day job and a proclivity for the mundane; he is convinced his life's destined to be unexciting... but when the fate of New York City and the world falls into his lap, we find ourselves in the universe of classic 1970s espionage. With colorful characters, happenin' music to fit the era, and the excitement of saving us all from a grim nuclear demise, "It's Not The End of the World" has something joyful for everyone. (PG13 for some simulated violence and a couple of foul-mouthed bad guys.)

Assistant Director: "The Stinky Cheese Man & Other Fairly Stupid Tales," Heschel Middle School Play. A dramatization of the popular childrens' book, featuring vignettes of slants on well known folk tales.

A reading of the pilot for "Shook," (1/2 hour dramedy) written by Adam Lubitz, conceived by Adam Lubitz and Alexis Savino-- Just your average New York City nice-guy, milkshake shoppe manager, & superhero . . .

Adam is pleased to announce his membership in the Actor's Equity Association! Happy Centennial, AEA!

TheatreWorks USA's Spring '13 tour of "Charlotte's Web", playing Templeton, John Arable, and FIVE more characters! Toured the northeast USA March- June '13.

"Hero's Sons," "The Thing About the Commies," and "How Deadly Your Tastebuds, My Sweet," NYFA short films.

"Seventeen Come Sunday,"  an original short play by award-winning playwright Bryan McHaffey. Featured in the St. Jean Players' winter production, "Life Is (What You Make It)." Role of Sean, a young irish lad lost in the woods with his guitar.

"Orchestra." Written by Danny Mitarotondo, Directed by Shannon Fillion. A strikingly original method of making theatre, emphasizing the instruments of each and every performer as both character and acoustic participant in the making of a story and the making of a beautiful aria of words. Featuring the Columbia MFA Acting Ensemble. This ongoing project is set to continue to evolve for years. More information and tickets available at  orchestra.is 

Founding Artistic Director, the Columbia Summer Theatre Festival. A One-Night-Only event. August 16, 2012. 8pm. Location: Schapiro Studio, 615 West 115st. Crowds filled Schapiro Studio to standing-room-capacity for three extremely well-received pieces.       Featured: Three short World-Premier plays by, of, and from Columbia School of the Arts students and alumni.   "Crash"   by Zoe Yi Zhu, Playwrighting '11         
[Directed by Adam Lubitz, Acting '12] "Social Suicide" by Michael Mullen, Acting '13                  
[Directed by Sina Heiss, Directing '14] and "BATMAN!" by Sander Gusinow, Playwrighting '14
[Directed by Mo Zhou, Directing '12]

May 16, 2012. Adam Lubitz received his Master of Fine Arts in Acting from Columbia University's School of the Arts

MFA Acting Showcase of Columbia University School of the Arts, Class of 2012. NYC@ Second Stage April '12 LA@ Matrix Theatre May '12

"Much Ado About Nothing," role of Borachio.
​[Dir. Jimmy Maize] at Classic Stage Company, NYC.

Master of Fine Arts Acting Thesis, A Midsummer Night's Dream [Dir. Niky Wolcz] in Riverside Theatre, NYC as well as Folkwang University International Shakespeare Festival in Essen, Germany. Troupes from the USA, Romania, China, Palestina, and Germany each performed their own Midsummer, and then collaborated to create a huge international show with all 70+ actors. In the two casts Columbia brought to the festival Adam played Lysander and Peter Quince, respectively.

Master of Fine Arts Acting Thesis,  La Ronde
 [Dir. Ulla Wolcz] Riverside Theatre, Role of The Husband.

Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival. Romeo in "Romeo and Juliet," Francisco and the Norwegian Captain in "Hamlet" (starring the excellent Matt Amendt), and a cajun-accented Second Merchant in "The Comedy of Errors."

"The Song of Sway Lake,"  Ari Gold's captivating elegy, featuring Adam's work as a dialect consultant has received magnificent reviews and is now available to stream.

“A stunning film… Breathtaking”

- Independent Magazine

“Offbeat, continually intriguing”

- New York Times

“A rare joy”

 - Ain’t It Cool News


Above: MFA Acting, Clown Class.

Top: Adam as Peter Quince in MFA Acting 

       Thesis, "A Midsummer Night's Dream."

Below: Adam as Borachio, backstage at

        Classic Stage Company in, "Much Ado

        About Nothing".


Adam Lubitz