The Jabberwocky

     Lewis Carroll's famous celebration of enjambment as read by the legendary Howard Cosell.

​Origin of the Mulligan

   The origin of golf's most infamous house rule.

Bocephus' Still

     A friend insists Bocephus relocate his moonshining operation.

Lady B.

    Victorian Lady B issues a feminist statement.

"Do You Want It?"

  Music Video.

 Music by SWEET FIX, filmed by Adam.

Comedy Reel

Drama Reel

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Kids/Young Adult

Other Fun:

General Turgidson

A speech about impending nuclear disaster from, "Dr. Strangelove," spoken through Sean Connery, Christopher Walken, Bill Clinton and more!

2 Sides of Caesar

From Shakespeare's, "Antony & Cleopatra," Octavius Caesar gives a lesson in politics. Presented in Cockney English and Received Pronouncuation (RP)

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